China Builds world largest quad Robot

You must be aware that the biggest challenge in front of China is that from where they have brought soldiers who stood on the Line of Actual Control in front of India throughout the year.  Because the weather there is so cold that Chinese soldiers are not able to tolerate.  The Chinese government is finding and bringing Tibetan soldiers, but that plan is not progressing so well, so instead of China soldiers, machines should be brought forward.  These machines are a kind of robot with four legs which look like a yak.
China Builds world largest quad Robot | चीन ने बनाया दुनिया सबसे बड़ा क्वाड रोबोट

Function of China’s quad robot

According to Chinese media, its work will deliver food items to help its soldiers.  And can be used for patrolling a large area.  It is very useful from the point of view of security, that is why China has made two such robots :-

Yak Robot

You must have seen that you are an animal and it is a heavy animal, on the basis of which this yak robot has been made.  This robot can lift a weight of 160 kg and run at a speed of 10 km per hour.

Machine Dog Robot

It is very small in size, its weight is 32 kg but it is capable of lifting a weight of 40 kg.
 Let us tell you that by looking at this robot, you can say that an attempt has been made to copy American technology here.  America had made and experimented with this type of robot but the experiment was not successful.

America’s Big Dog Robot

In 2005, America made a robot named Likh Dog.  It was smaller than the Chinese robot Yak.  The USA company gave this robot to the American Army to test whether it could be used in the war field or not.  Used to supply all the robots but the American Army has rejected this type of robot because these robots used to make a lot of noise.  The American Army rejected the Big Dogs program in 2015 because they could put soldiers’ lives in danger because of their voices.
America's Big Dog Robot

India is also making this type of robot

Indian company DRDO says that we will make robots, but it is not necessary that it is a four-legged robot, it can also be six-legged.  DRDO knows that they are going to be used for surveillance, so why make big robots, only small robots will work.
India is also making this type of robot
 DRDO is also currently working on different types of robots like snake robot, it may take time to prepare it.  If India does not want to make the mistake that America has made by making big robots, then in simple words it can be said that China will not see much importance of this type of robot that China has made.
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